World War II

In 1942, George Koch Sons stopped production of metalcraft for customers and started the construction of war products. A federal law was passed that required all manufacturing of non-essential metal goods to be stopped in order to use all metal in the war effort. As with all companies at this time, the plant’s chief duty became to support the country throughout World War II.

In support of the new law and increased war efforts, George Koch Sons built a new plant in 1942 on Upper Mount Vernon Road in Evansville. The craftsmen's metalworking skills were quickly put to use as they began the fabrication of parts for the famous LST ships. Other systems for the war effort were also produced at the new plant. These systems were produced for other factories throughout the US that included spray booths for aircraft wings, shell case testing equipment, and fixtures for aircraft wings and engines. Also manufactured were ovens for dehydrating, baking, and testing.