Innovation and excellence have always been the company’s philosophy. From George Koch’s example of determination, optimism and faith in our industrial tomorrow, Koch has grown into the diverse corporation it is today. Koch Enterprises has expanded to serve these industries: Automotive Parts Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Metals Recycling, Equipment Design and Construction.

Robert L. Koch II explains that the success of the company can be viewed as an algebra problem. One side of the equation includes ownership of businesses in different industries.

“All our business efforts haven’t been put into one product or one type of business but different kinds of products and different types of businesses. All of our subsidiaries are also in different business cycles. When one product is not selling well, another may be in demand. Owning many different types of businesses in different business cycles balances out the highs and lows that one so often sees in the manufacturing world. This side of the equation also includes educated, talented, dedicated and loyal employees who believe in the company and the services we offer. This makes for a winning combination. Without either one of these parts, we would not be where we are today.”

There are many firsts for Koch Enterprises. Koch Enterprises bought the first franchise of the Carrier Air Conditioning Company, received the largest sheetmetal contract awarded in the US, and started Santa Claus Land, the first theme park in the US. Today, Koch Enterprises, Inc. owns seven subsidiaries, has significant operations in two countries, has installed paint systems in 34 countries, and continues to be family operated. Koch Enterprises has beaten the odds and continues to beat the odds.

From the small tin shop on Pennsylvania Street, to a diversified industry with 2,800 employees and a manufacturing area of more than a million square feet, Koch Enterprises, Inc. has grown enormously from George’s Tin Shop. Throughout the past century, the company’s reputation has not only been based on the quality workmanship of trained and experienced craftsmen, but also on a tradition of excellence that dates back to 1873.

Today Koch Enterprises is being led by the fifth generation. David Koch, son of Robert L. Koch II, is president of Brake Supply. Kevin Koch, also son of Robert L. Koch II, is president of Koch Enterprises. Jennifer Slade, daughter of Robert L. Koch II, is the marketing director at Koch Enterprises. Brad Muehlbauer, son of James Muehlbauer, is president of Koch Air. Glen Muehlbauer, also son of James Muehlbauer, is the vice president of human resources at Koch Enterprises. Josh Gilberg, son-in-law of James Muehlbauer is the president of George Koch Sons (Koch Finishing Systems) and Steve Church, son-in-law to James Muehlbauer, is vice president of corporate development and strategy at Koch Enterprises.