Following the war, the plants went back to their regular product lines with the Metalcraft Division making an immediate success in their wrought-iron furniture line. The Industrial Division was also flourishing. They produced a conveyor that was, and still is, considered the most efficient in the wood finishing industry, the close-packing DeBurgh Conveyor.

During the 50’s, GKS was awarded several contracts. In 1952, the Atomic Energy Commission awarded Koch a $50 million contract, the largest sheetmetal project ever awarded to one firm in American business history. GKS was also awarded contracts with General Motors, Chrysler and Ford for special metal finishing systems. These systems used the methods of dip coating, flow coating and spraying - the forerunners of the electrocoating, electrostatic spray and powder coating systems the company supplies today.

Electronic advancements in the 60’s provided the company with an increased range of technology to provide new and improved finishing systems. This increase in technology also led George Koch Sons to the formation of a new division, Ashdee, to spearhead testing and research in the development of new equipment.