Matching Gift Program

Matching Gift Program

What is the Koch Foundation Matching Gift Program?

The Matching Gift Program of the Koch Foundation is designed to encourage employees and retirees of Koch Enterprises, Inc. and its subsidiaries to make contributions to eligible educational institutions, hospitals, zoos and museums of their choice. All contributions, subject to limitations set forth below, will be matched by the Koch Foundation, Inc. on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

This website outlines participation and eligibility requirements as well as the procedures to follow for a gift to be matched. Included is the necessary form to be completed by the donor and the recipient.

Who can participate?

  • Regular, full-time employees of Koch Enterprises, Inc. and subsidiaries who have completed three months working for the company.
  • Retired employees - persons who retired from Koch Enterprises, Inc. or subsidiaries.
  • "Mr. & Mrs." gifts when either of the two is an eligible contributor. However, a gift by a spouse only in his (her) own name cannot be matched. The employee's signature must appear on the check.
  • One need not be an alumnus/alumna of the educational institution.

What gifts are matched?

The Koch Foundation will match dollar for dollar up to $5,000 within a calendar year, provided the combined amount does not exceed $5,000. Each gift must be a minimum of $25. Unused match amounts do not carry over into the next year.

Gifts must be personal contributions paid, not merely pledged, and may be made in cash, or securities having a quoted market value.

The Koch Foundation will not match gifts such as dues to alumni groups, athletic departments, subscription fees, insurance premiums, tithes or other church-related financial commitments, tuition payments, bequests, gifts to independent scholarship funds, and payments which are not in the form of direct gifts to an eligible institution.

Which institutions are eligible?

Educational institutions: Degree granting graduate and professional schools, universities, four-year and two-year colleges, and parochial, private and public, elementary, middle and high schools. A contribution to a tax-exempt fund, foundation or association which is part of the eligible educational institution may be matched if it is certified that the gift will be applied directly to support the institution's primary educational objective.

Hospitals: Not-for-profit hospitals providing in-patient services.

Zoos: Zoos qualified as 501(c)(3) organizations in keeping with the Koch Foundation's mission.

Museums: Museums qualified as 501(c)(3) organizations in keeping with the Koch Foundation's mission.

All eligible institutions must be:

  • Designated as a 501(c)(3) eligible by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Located in the United States