Koch Finishing Systems

Koch Finishing Systems

Koch Finishing Systems helps customers find and implement the best solutions to their automated finishing systems, environmental, acoustical and thermal requirements.

KOCH supplies automated finishing systems for a wide variety of manufacturing industries in all industrialized areas of the world for all major coating technologies, including liquid paint, powder, electrocoat, porcelain enamel, anodizing, and plating systems.

Environmental solutions include water reuse and reclamation, air emissions control and abatement, and noise reduction.

Acoustical products include exterior noise barriers, personnel enclosures, and in-plant machinery enclosures to help limit noise exposure to people.

KOCH also applies core thermal expertise for applications outside of paint finishing, such as food and wood products drying.

Koch Finishing Systems is headquartered in Evansville, Indiana.  KOCH serves the Americas from engineering, service and manufacturing facilities in Evansville and Grand Rapids, MI, service and technical support from its office in Queretaro, Mexico.  Koch Finishing Systems Europe serves Europe and Asia from its offices in Lichfield, England.  KOCH’s highly experienced Team Members deliver the most reliable systems and the best customer experiences in the markets served. Customers recognize Koch Finishing Systems as a smarter solution worldwide.

Contact Information
10 S. Eleventh Avenue
Evansville, IN 47712
(812) 465-9600