Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Koch Enterprises, Inc., has conducted business to the highest standards of ethics and integrity since its founding in 1873 and intends to continue doing so. These standards guide all our activities and include the following components:

We will work with both customers and suppliers based on merit, fairness, and "arms-length" relationships. We will strive to earn our customers’ business and will expect our suppliers to do the same to earn ours.

We will compete intensely but will not engage in any unfair or illegal methods with our competition.

We will treat all team members with respect, courtesy, and fairness. We will ensure a workplace environment free of harassment or discrimination. We will provide opportunities based solely on performance.

We will maintain full and accurate company records to account for our activities. All assets and property of the company will be used only for the benefit of the company. No team member activities will conflict with the interests of the company.

We will educate all team members concerning our ethics policies and will require their compliance. Each team member will be responsible for his/her own compliance with the content and spirit of these policies, and for reporting any suspected non-compliance of others to his/her supervisor or an officer of the company.