Part of the Koch Enterprises, Inc., corporate mission is to improve the quality of life within the communities where we have operations "by helping them better serve their residents through encouraging team member participation in important community organizations and activities through financial grants in the area of education, arts, health care, and human services for people in need through no fault of their own".

The Koch Foundation is a vehicle to help us accomplish this mission. In years when cash flow allows it, the company makes contributions into the Foundation. From the earnings on the asset base, the Foundation is then able to make contributions into our communities at a fairly stable rate, assuming good investment results.

Requests for contributions from the Foundation are reviewed and approved by its Board of Directors. Contributions are made to organizations that have been awarded 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service. These contributions are in the areas of education, health, religion, social service, culture, and civic activities. Special consideration is given to those project requests that have significant Koch Enterprises team member involvement. The Board will grant requests based on funds available with proportionate allocation based on Koch Enterprises presence in the community, on Koch Enterprises team member involvement, and on the Board's judgment regarding the best use of available funds.

Requests for matching funds for schools, hospitals, museums and zoos can be made on the forms provided for that purpose and meeting the criteria outlined on those forms.

The Foundation also funds the Robert L. Koch and Mary L. Koch college scholarships for children of team members of the Koch companies. These scholarships are awarded in the total amount of $16,000 each according to the rules contained in the application forms.

Other requests should be submitted in writing with copies of the 501(c)(3) certification and explanation of the project benefit to the community and the levels of specific Koch Enterprises team member involvement.