UnisealUniseal, Inc. serves automotive manufacturers and top tier suppliers worldwide. In 1984 Koch Enterprises acquired Uniseal and grew it into the largest supplier of sealants and adhesives. In October 2018 LG Chem purchased Uniseal which remains headquartered in Evansville, Indiana USA. It has two manufacturing facilities in Evansville, in addition to facilities in Europe and Asia. Each of Uniseal's plants utilize custom equipment, LEAN manufacturing systems and Six Sigma quality standards.

In addition to serving the automotive industry, Uniseal also has a presence in:

  • Agriculture and heavy equipment
  • General industrial
  • Heavy truck and trailer

Uniseal was founded by a team determined to help shape the future of the adhesive industry through the development of new, innovative products that solved problems. Their innovative spirit and the goal they embraced over 50 years ago continues to permeate the company today.

Growing from a single laboratory work bench to today’s state-of-the-art Research and Development Center, Uniseal has continually pushed the boundaries of adhesives compounding and formulation.

The ability to consistently develop unique and effective industry solutions comes from teaming a disciplined focus on unmet and future needs with outstanding facilities and creative and talented research personnel. These innovations commonly evolve into custom formulations, tailored to specific client requirements which results in outstanding performance.