UnisealUniseal is a global supplier of specialty adhesives and sealants. Uniseal products are used in many industries, but the company is particularly active in the Transportation Industry as Automotive, Heavy Truck, and Trailer market segments account for over 80% of the company’s business. In addition to pumpable adhesives and sealants, Uniseal produces extruded and die cut thermoplastic and thermoset laminates and patches for sound dampening and reinforcement. The company has a broad product portfolio and can meet nearly any industry challenge. Uniseal headquarters are located in Evansville, Indiana. Primary manufacturing facilities are located in Evansville, Shanghai (China), Retsag (Hungary), and Chennai (India).

Uniseal was acquired by Koch Enterprises, Inc. in 1984 and has seen considerable growth since that time. The growth of the company has been through the development of innovative new technologies to assist its customers in improving quality, reducing weight, and simplifying manufacturing processes. The automotive industry has been particularly active in these areas as OEMs have sought to reduce weight, improve fuel economy, and improve the aesthetics of their respective vehicles.

Learn more about Uniseal at www.uniseal.com or visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Uniseal.Inc.

General Inquiries
Phone: (812) 463-5230
Toll Free: 888-uniseal (864-7325)
Email: hr@uniseal.com

Sales or Marketing Contact
Phone: (812) 425-1361
Toll Free: 888-uniseal (864-7325)
Email: sales@uniseal.com

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