Podcast - Flourishing Family Business

In Episode 168, Molly is joined by Kevin Koch, CEO of Koch Enterprises, Inc., who gives an inside look at running a family-owned business that has successfully served customers for 150 years! Kevin shares his story, starting from his early days in school and working jobs such as paperboy and lifeguard. He talks about how he was never overtly asked to join the family business, and always planned to “spread his wings” after college. Kevin talks about his college days at Notre Dame where he studied engineering and describes the unexpected adversity he faced when he first arrived. He goes on to talk about how, after graduating, he learned to work as an engineer for Westinghouse before going to grad school and working at Ford Motor Company and EDF. Kevin shares insights from his early career days, including experience gained in engineering, brand management and purchasing. Not deciding to join the family business until age 33, Kevin shares what influenced him to make the move, and goes in depth on the company’s family hiring policy, which made sure that no “free rides” were given to family members. He opens up about working past the stigma of “owner’s son” and what he had to do to prove himself to his peers. Don’t miss the good, bad & ugly of running a family business for the long haul, insights gained along the way, and Kevin’s biggest regrets and accomplishments from his journey. He inspires us all to know no boundaries and to commit to taking action so that all can be safe, seen and heard, and our true best selves. Molly’s thought for the week (Thank you Kevin): “Shared sacrifice helps us come through stronger.” 

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